Dear Mom and Dad,

I still remember your faces when I was born. You were a bit tired, yet so happy. Two proud faces looked down at me and you had tears in your eyes. Now you are busier than ever and your daily schedule is really messy. I just want to eat, sleep and have my nappies changed, over and over again. Lots of sleepless nights. But it seems that you are already becoming used to your new lives. Sleeping, changing nappies, feeding.

But I want to go outside for a stroll. Do you even have a pram? Swinging in the soft pram ensures a pleasant nap. But who's this lady now disturbing my sleep and telling my mother, "What a lovely baby. What's his name? So cute!" And that gentleman telling my father, "Twins? Well done lad, keep it up. But what are their names?" Don't they know?

Dear Mom and Dad, buy a nameplate for my pram. Like a licence plate but with my name on it. Then everybody knows right away who I am. And make sure to include my date of birth so that passers-by know how old I am. Dear sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, friend, relative! Mom and Dad are so busy right now, but when you come to visit me again, bring a nameplate for my little vehicle. Mom and Dad can then proudly stroll down the street with me. I will of course be sleeping, because I sleep so well after feeding.

Where can you buy it? The ladies and gentlemen in TREV-2 produce these:

Submit an e-mail to the address and they will contact you. Make sure to include your name and telephone number and of course my name and date of birth

or dial +372 677 6555 on working days from 8 am to 4 pm and tell the ladies and gentlemen the information via telephone

or visit them at the address Teemeistri tn 2, Tallinn or Viljandi mnt 79, Rapla on working days from 8 am to 4 pm.

Producing the nameplate takes up to seven days and the cost of the nameplate is 10 euros (value added tax included). You can receive the nameplate in Tallinn or Rapla. If required, you can also order the nameplate to your home by post. Postal charges will then apply.

The height of the nameplate is 70 mm and it will be as long as my own name. But do make sure to take a look at the pram you are attaching the nameplate to and tell the ladies and gentlemen at TREV-2 how long the nameplate can be.

Your dear youngest

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