Metallprofiilist müratõkkesein Peterburi maanteel
Metallprofiilist müratõkkesein Peterburi maanteel
Plastikust müratõkkesein Tartus
Firma Tertu puidust müratõkkesein
Firma Tertu puidust müratõkkesein
Firma Tertu puidust müratõkkesein
Wooden noise barrier produced by Tertu

AS TREV-2 Grupp offers the construction of noise barriers.

We use modules that are covered with metal, plastic or impregnated wood to construct the barriers. If required, we can construct the barrier from glass or concrete. The suitability of the materials with regard to the surrounding environment is important when choosing the materials. Take a look at the completed projects in the gallery.
In various legislative acts, noise barriers are also named sound barriers, noise block barriers and acoustic barriers. Regardless of the name, the purpose of a noise barrier is to reduce the noise pollution created by traffic noise.

The barriers can be distinguished by type – noise absorbing and noise reflecting barriers. The type and material of the noise barrier will be chosen in the course of design work. In order to determine the height and extent of the barrier, we cooperate with noise modelling experts.

The following normative documents and standards are proceeded from when designing and constructing noise barriers:

  • design standards for highways
  • EVS-EN 14388 "Road traffic noise reducing devices"
  • EVS-EN 14389 "Road traffic noise reducing devices"
  • EVS-EN 1793 "Road traffic noise reducing devices"
  • EVS-EN 1794 "Road traffic noise reducing devices"
  • EVS 843 "City streets"

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