Production and sale

AS TREV-2 Grupp produces the following traffic control devices:

  • traffic signs pursuant to Standard EVS 613 "Traffic signs and their use"
  • marker posts pursuant to Standard EVS 614 "Road markings and their use"
  • accessories for traffic signs: securing strips, sign bases, posts, etc.

The retro-reflective traffic sign sheeting of classes I(EG), II(HIP) and III(DG) of the 3M Scotchlite™ company is used for the production of traffic signs. Aluminium and zinc-tin plating are used for the base material. Traffic signs on aluminium plating have a durability period of 7 years in case of sheeting of class I, 10 years in case of sheeting of class II and 12 years in case of sheeting of class III.


AS TREV-2 Grupp installs traffic control devices pursuant to Standards EVS 613, EVS 614 and EVS 615, the Roads Act, and Regulation no. 71 "Road designation system and the procedure for the implementation thereof" of the Minister of Transport and Communications.
The approval of the owner of the road is required in order to install traffic control devices. Approval is granted by:

  • the Transpordiamet for major highways
  • the regional Transpordiamet department for main connecting roads and secondary roads
  • the local government for city streets and municipality roads

The owner of a private road may install traffic control devices on a private road in compliance with the aforementioned standards and legislation. In case of private roads that are in public use, it is recommended to inform the local government of the restrictions established by the owner of the road.

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ClickHERE to see the list and clarifications of traffic signs.

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