Galvanized steel tubular barriers are used as pedestrians parapets in compliance with the design.

Dangers, that are closer than 1,5 m to bycicle or pedestrian road and that should be protected with the tubular barriers, are:

  • the slopes that are steeper than 1:3 and over 2 m high;
  • steeps (steeper than 1:1,5) with the height over 1 m;
  • rivers and lakes where high water reaches over 0,5 m;
  • other dangers after additional consideration.

TREV-2 does not advice to use the tubular barriers next to the road where the vehicles can drive straight to these barriers.

AS TREV-2 Grupp offers the following tubular barrier options:

  • barrier with one or two horizontal tube, post distance 2-3.5 m, on concrete base or rammed in the ground (picture)
  • barrier with one or two horizontal tubes, post distance 2-3.5 m, on concrete basement (picture)

The barriers are produced of Ø 60 mm hot-tip galvanised steel tubes and connected with the prescribed joining plating and bolts:

  • T joining plating of tubular barrier (picture)
  • X joining plaiting of tubular barrier (picture)

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