Quality policy

  • We are a successful construction company, and our objective is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer
  • Our objective is to ensure high-quality services and to meet the expectations of customers by means of functioning of our management system
  • Our objective is to ensure that the company meets the expectations and guarantees the satisfaction of the employees, owners, partners, and society
  • We constantly evaluate the condition of our company to develop the management system and to ensure its efficient functioning and implementation of the strategy

Main courses of action of quality policy:

  • action, control and guidance in order to ensure compliance with legislation, rules, norms, etc., in the course of the activities of the company
  • determining the needs and expectations of customers
  • developing the activities at internationally recognised levels
  • shaping the strategy for modernising, increasing or decreasing the technical resources required in order to perform the duties and obligations (including offering modern technologies and solutions to customers)
  • evaluating the existing personnel resources and the training of the employees, and shaping and influencing motivation systems
  • observing efficiency by means of feedback and preventing any possible mistakes
  • gradual assumption of owner supervision functions on the sites and facilities of the company by means of training the specialists and ensuring systematic internal supervision

Quality Manager: Margit Asperk, +372 524 1678; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quality system of the company has been certified since 22.12.1998 according to requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard.

9001 ENG-19