Occupational safety

The mission of the Occupational and Environmental Safety Unit is to help all units reduce environmental safety risks and make the overall working environment of the company safer by means of internal audits and analysis of accidents.

We comply with the legislation and standards pertaining to occupational and environmental safety in all its activities. In our opinion, the prerequisites for the sustainability of our company are efficiency, competence and safety. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and we have elaborated respective procedures for this purpose:

  • We regularly identify and manage the risks of all activities in order to alleviate their negative impact
  • We register any and all incidents that affect safety and analyse them thoroughly
  • We conduct regular safety audits in order to find possibilities for improvement in order to ensure the safety of our employees
  • We equip our employees with high-quality and innovative personal protective equipment
  • Safety-related discussions are an essential part of our regular meetings
  • We try to reuse the waste created as a result of our activities insofar as possible within the scope of the project and channel the remainder into reuse and recovery by sorting

Working safely is not merely an option for us – it is the duty of all employees!

Occupational and Environmental Safety Specialist: Villy Sudemäe, +372 503 5139; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quality system of the company has been certified since 15.04.2009 according to requirements of the ISO 45001 (earlier referred to as OHSAS 18001) international standard.

45001 ENG-19