Social responsibility

We all affect the surrounding environment with our activities. Every act or omission sends a signal to the people surrounding us. Responsibility for the surrounding environment and people is an integral part of our commercial activities. We can only act and develop as a sustainable and successful company by contributing to the surrounding environment.

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As a successful company, we want to be a positive role model. One of such outputs is our participation in the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia.

The Responsible Business Forum in Estonia is an association that promotes sustainable entrepreneurship in Estonian companies and society. TREV-2 Grupp was the first construction company to join the association. We have the excellent opportunity of learning from the best practices of other members and being a pioneer in our field when it comes to implementing the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship. Several initiatives have already been put into practice and TREV-2 Grupp employs a sustainable and environmentally friendly mentality in its activities.

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